Monday, January 23, 2006

So Will & Grace is finally leaving the airwaves at the end of the season. Now word comes that The West Wing will be gone too. What's next? Hopefully SNL. I know it's the hip thing to do to badmouth it lately, but last weekend's show was such a trainwreck, I don't even know where to begin. Every single sketch could be boiled down to a single joke: pirates like Sarsgaard cause they say "argh." Shattered Glass at a cat magazine (um, isn't that parody like 3 years late? I guess it's better than when about a month ago they finally took a jab at Glengarry Glen Ross 13 years after the fact). Shopping at Target sucks (is that even a joke to begin with?). Aside from the Gore / Kerry Weekend Update bit (which was actually amusing), and the first line of the Sarsgaard SARS Guard in which he calls himself "critically acknowledged," the only time I laughed was at how badly the hotel scene got screwed up when Peter broke the TV. Watching them figure out how to continue the sketch without showing the TV screen… and without showing the tech person crawling under the camera… now that's comedy.
Seriously, let's put this show out of its misery. It's just too painful.


Tommy Himself said...

Drew Barrymore is a good sport, though.

Brian said...

Indeed she is.

Anonymous said...

I went into stand up comedian just to be on that show someday, but I guess I'm too funny to ever be on that show.