Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Today's post will be in my amazing Scottish brogue:
Back in the US and totally knackered… I could definitely use a full day of sleep. Had an absolutely brilliant time though. It was great catching up with all my mates over there, even for such a short time. It felt a wee bit odd being back there after 5 years, but soon I felt right at home. Lots of talk about music (mostly British, like Arctic Monkeys) and TV (mostly British too, like Celebrity Big Brother), but I got by. Everyone is doing well… some are still in uni, some have jobs, and some are on the dole… but they all seem happy. I'd forgotten just how much everyone eats and drinks over there… I must've averaged well over a pint of lager per waking hour. I also had my first Sunday Roast, which consists of a whole roast chicken, sausage wrapped in bacon, 3 kinds of potatoes, 4 kids of veggies, stuffing balls, 3 types of pie, ice cream, and more. In fact, I'd say that almost all of my meals contained at least some combination of bacon and sausage, especially the eagerly-anticipated Scooby Snack (cheeseburger, 2 fried eggs, bacon, sausage, & potato scone, available only from midnight to 6am). Bloody amazing.
Em, well I need to head to my flat and maybe grab a power hour… or just sleep straight through until morning.


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Did you see the toilet from Trainspotting?