Monday, April 10, 2006

"24" Bottles of Beer...
Personally I think the "24" drinking game would work better with "I promise" or "there's no time" or "you'll just have to trust me," but if he says "damn it" works, then so be it.

Update: I guess any rumors about Jack Bauer getting killed were false... Sutherland just signed on to do the show for another 3 years... and for a cool $40 million.


brotherjimmy said...

It's not a drinking game but I once tried to have sex with my girlfriend throughout an entire episode of 24 just to see if I could keep up with the pressure like Jack Bauer.

Let's just say at around the 36 minute mark I ran out of ammo and exploded.

Brian said...

36 minutes? That's weak... Jack can hold out longer than that while being tortured!