Friday, April 21, 2006

TRL Moment of the Week
It's been a rough week around here… well, rough in that a bunch of small, annoying things happened all in a row. Like Monday, my elevator bank malfunctioned so that every elevator stopped at every floor in both directions. Sucks when you're on the 23rd floor. Tuesday I had to go to a screening of United 93. I thought I'd be able to handle it better than any of my co-workers, but the film (while good on a technical level) kept me queasy throughout. Wednesday we had our bi-annual (bi-ennial? I always get those confused… I'm talking about the twice-a-year kind) fire drill, which means everyone from the floor gathers in the hall for a 15-minute lecture on fire procedures. Boring to begin with, but the lecturer pronounces "chimney" as "chiminey." Which gets very funny when he says it 5 times in a minute. Trust me. Or try saying it out loud. Anyway, I always start laughing and then get uncomfortable and try to stifle the laughter, but that just makes it worse. It's forever tainted.
As for the actual show moment of the week, I guess I'd have to give it to Will.I.Am of the Black Eyed Peas. Supporting Earth Day, the group pulled up in a 2006 Honda Civic Hybrid. He gets out and praises the car for it's amazing energy-saving features, such as getting "59 gallons to the mile." Honda must be praising themselves for paying him millions of dollars to endorse the vehicle. Oh, and one other good thing... we had purchased a bunch of chicken from KFC for a stunt yesterday, but we had to kill it for time, which meant the chicken was mine... all mine! (And some for VJDamien)

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Anonymous said...

You HAD to go to the screening? Or you WANTED to go to the screening?