Sunday, April 02, 2006

Friday night I finally went to Webster Hall for my first Flaming Lips concert... yes, I'm amazed as well that it took me so long. Definitely worth the wait, though. The band sounded great and looked like they were having fun, the crowd went crazy, and I had a fantastic view from the VIP balcony (thanks for the hook-up, Jared). It's incredible how spending $100 on confetti and balloons can add so much to the experience. My only knock against the show is that they didn't play more songs. The show lasted an hour and a half, but only 14 songs (2 of which were covers). They have such a deep catalog... easily could've doubled that.
Wayne promised that they'll come back to NYC for more shows in bigger venues for all the fans who missed out this weekend... already I can't wait. And everyone make sure to pick up the new album on Tuesday. Oh, and if you haven't seen their new video, you should watch... it's hilarious.

Here's the setlist:
Ta! Da!
Race for the Prize
Bohemian Rhapsody
Free Radicals
Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots, Part 1
Cow Jam
Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots, Part 2
The Yeah Yeah Yeah Song
The Gash
The W.A.N.D.
She Don't Use Jelly
Do You Realize

Encore: Love Yer Brain
War Pigs

And some photos:

The start of the insanity. As I tossed the balloons over the balcony, I was able to get closer.

Although not as close as the camera on Wayne's mic.

Hulk Hands during "The Gash." Man, is that a fantastic song.

The balloon gun. Almost ready to pop... almost...

It popped.

Yes, a good time was had by band and crowd alike.
(Note, if you can make it out, that Wayne's dual-neck guitar has an iPod built into it... it's just below his right hand. Never seen that before...)

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