Monday, April 24, 2006

Big congrats to LastStop favorites (and good friends of TSP) Tilly and the Wall for making Sunday's New York Times Playlist. Here's what was written:
Tilly and the Wall
Earnest, passionate and enthusiastic. I love the intertwined call-and-response vocals, and the combination of pop, folk, lo-fi and electro rock. On its last album, this five-piece band from Omaha held up its layered melodies with innovative percussion that came in the form of the tap-dancing stunner Jamie Williams. Its new album, "Bottoms of Barrels" (Team Love, to be released May 23), includes a rhythm section, though it still has plenty of space in the arrangements for the slashing guitars and walls of vocals to shine through. Variety is the key here, whether in a foot-stomping rock song, a slow ballad or even an electro-acoustic thumper like "The Freest Man." That song could be a look back to the 1980's, with synth and chorused guitar lines draped in black, but the vocals offer hope: "Don't drown yourself in all your old regret/ Because that heaviness will steal away your breath."

Can't wait to hear the new album, can't wait for them to perform again in NYC, and I wish them nothing but success.

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Anonymous said...

Is Tilly's wall a reference to her chest?

-Brian Greene (scientist)