Monday, April 24, 2006

Once again the MTA continues to boggle my mind. Signs are posted in the 72nd St. station that the 2 & 3 lines (usually express) will run local headed southbound every weekend from now until Fall (no weekend express service for 5 months? Come on!). However, get on a train and you’ll hear that the 1 trains (usually local) run express headed southbound after 34th St. What the fuck? I’d (somewhat) understand if they need to completely shut down the express tracks to fix them. But that's obviously not the case. Why switch the lines? Where exactly is the construction south of 34th St.? It make no sense to me… can anyone explain this?

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walein said...

I grew up in Washington Heights, up by the 1 (and then 1-9 line), went to school up in Harlem by the 2-3 lines and since I was young we've (everyone) hs called the 1,2,3 and 9 the "Project 3000" line. Meaning that mysterious construction is always going on on those lines and the target date of completion is the year 3000.
The best one was up at 231st this past year when out of nowhere, with one day warning they closed down the entire elevated track on the uptown side of 231st and completely rebuilt it.
Sort of a "Hey we jsut realized that this thing is about to collapse and kill hundreds of people...we'll see you next year when we reopen it!"