Wednesday, April 11, 2007

A few TV links:
- According to this Entourage quiz, I'm most like Drama. At least I'm not Turtle. (By the way, very mediocre first episode of the season, although it's always good to see Carla Gugino getting work... I have a huge crush on her for some reason).
- Hopefully this is more good news for Friday Night Lights. Tonight is the season finale... hopefully not the series finale.
- This video of a man transforming into a human version of Homer Simpson is damn creepy. It looks like he has rabies and jaundice.

Also, last night I worked on The Brick Awards, which airs tomorrow night on the CW network. Strange collection of celebrities there... everyone from Leann Rimes to Andrew Shue to Rocco Dispirito to Damien Fahey to Russell Simmons to Jamie-Lynn Sigler. But I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed the show. The awards honor teenagers and young adults (as well as a couple celebrities) who do significant charitable work and make efforts towards social change. Seriously, most of these kids were incredible, and made me feel like I've done nothing worthwhile in my life. If you're not watching Survivor or NBC's Must-See TV, tune in.
Strange coincidence of the night: the show had live performances from Mandy Moore and Dashboard Confessional, and both Mandy and Dashboard singer Chris Carrabba celebrated their birthdays yesterday.
Oh, and both Susan Sarandon and Petra Nemcova are breathtakingly beautiful in person.

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DoctorJones said...

I'm still picking myself up off the floor after reading that birthday/performance info between Mandy Moore and Chris Carabba...Give some warning before you toss a grenade like that!