Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Why are all of the New York newspapers making such a big deal about A-Rod's home run yesterday? He made the main sports headline in the Post, Daily News, AM New York, etc. Sure, it was exciting, but certainly not more important than Giambi's 1st-inning 2-run single to give the Yanks the initial lead, or Jeter's 2-run 6th-inning single to tie the game, or Giambi's RBI single to give them the lead back in the 7th. A-Rod's shot simply extended their lead. Credit should go where it's most deserved, not where it can make the easiest headline pun.

On a lighter note, obviously I got a perfect score in this game. Can you?

And yes, I know my last post was titled Strange Weekend Story #1. #2 is coming shortly.


DoctorJones said...

Sadly, I, too, aced the hair band quiz. There was a ton of bad hair styles in that quiz but is it me or does Tico Torres's wind tunnel hairdo take the cake?

Brian said...

I'd say so. Although in their photo, Twisted Sister makes a valliant effort to steal the crown of Ugliest Rock Band.