Friday, April 20, 2007

Have a question for either of the Coreys? Ask away. Here are some queries I'd like answered:
- Feldman, what was up with your hair in Blown Away?
- Haim, did you really sell your baby teeth on Ebay?
- How many women have had sex with both of you (and of those, how many had you both at the same time)?
- If you each could've had one role that the other Corey played, what would it be? (I figured there should be at least one real question)
- If Corey Hart (of "Sunglasses at Night" fame) wanted to join your posse, would you let him, or is three a crowd?
- I understand Haimster, but why Feldog?
- Feldman, what are your thoughts on the word Pumpkinninny?


Anonymous said...

I guess it's been a long week of unemployment.

Tommy Himself said...

I have a LOT of questions for you, Brian.