Sunday, April 29, 2007

Back in NYC. Wish I had some huge, exciting reunion story... like something out of an 80s movie. Alas, I don't. All I can say is that it was fun, much more so than I expected. Big turnout, got to reconnect with a bunch of people I'd lost touch with over the years, drank a lot, reminisced (even though Tony Soprano says it's the lowest form of conversation, I usually enjoy it), and got to yell at the girl who showed the tape of me in Little Shop of Horrors to Alicia Keys. Out of around 50 who showed up, about a dozen were married, and a handful either have kids or are expecting. Some people are doing what I thought they'd be doing, while some people that I thought were burnouts are now lawyers or studying to become doctors. Most unusual job: air traffic controller. I mean, it's not like he's an astronaut, but still...
I have to say that the women have aged better than the men. I mean, most people look basically the same as they did in '97 (I didn't think "Holy crap, what the hell happened?!?" about anyone), but the majority of the women have gotten a little bit more attractive, while the reverse happened for the guys. I still have crushes on the girls I did back then, while others I thought were plain have upgraded to attractive. Maybe these reunions should happen more than every 10 years... at least as long as I'm still single.
Oh, and I started a feud with the Class of '67. Sort of. Several reunions were happening simultaneously at the same hotel; ours was out by the pool, the rest were indoors. For some reason our DJ and open bar ended at 10pm, but we could see a group of older people inside still dancing and drinking. At one point I went inside to go to the bathroom, and I heard the DJ for this group announce, "Class of '67, give yourselves a hand. Look outside, you're partying much harder than the Class of '97!" I headed outside to tell my class what happened, and we all stormed inside to confront them. I was expecting a rumble, but everyone just started dancing and drinking together instead (sort of like the "Beat It" video). Oh well.

Some other random notes from the weekend:
- Had lunch with my grandma, which is always entertaining. Afterwards she made me walk through her retirement community to introduce me to her friends. We walked by this ballroom that had about 20 people inside. My grandma peeked in, then said excitedly "Ooh, you know what's going on in there? Trivia!" The only question I heard is, "What do you give to a sick bird? Tweetment." (no laughter) God, please don't let me get old.
- Funnier than that joke, my mom (the queen of misidentifying movie titles) referred to "that Woody Harrelson movie" as Men Can't Jump Straight. She's one of a kind, my mom.
- Seriously, I don't understand how people can live in South Florida. It was sooooooo friggin' hot and sooooooo friggin' humid, and it's not even May yet.
- I hate that Baskin Robbins in NYC don't have the full 31 flavors because of lack of space or because they're combined with Dunkin Donuts. I guess because it's too similar to plain Chocolate, they never have Chocolate Fudge. I got a Chocolate Fudge milkshake while in Florida (I used to get at least 2 a week when I was in high school), and I can't think of a single thing that's more refreshing.
- People who schedule mass transit are morons. My flight coming back today had to sit on the runway (after everyone had boarded, naturally) because, as the pilot said, "there are too many planes in the air, and not enough sky." How does that happen? These things are scheduled in advance. It's not as if they are spawning while in-flight. And taking NJ Transit back from the airport this evening, why do they schedule 3 trains within 19 minutes of each other, and then not have another one come for 41 minutes? Shouldn't they space them out equally, so they come every 20 minutes? So frustrating.

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