Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Why do articles like this keep popping up, giving me false hope? And how much would I pay to see reunited GnR and STP share a bill? The mind boggles just thinking about it...

While we're talking music, I recently saw on DefLeppard.com (yes, I still check it periodically) that for their summer tour, they'll be joined Foreigner and/or Styx. Of course neither of those bands still has their original lead singer or has released an album of original material in years, but that didn't stop me from seeing Def Leppard with Journey last summer.

Finally, saw Chris Cornell at Irving Plaza (er, the Fillmore) last night. Incredible show. He sounded great (how does he hit those notes?!?), with the crowd singing along to almost every word. Here's the setlist:
Original Fire
No Such Thing
Say Hello To Heaven
Like A Stone
Arms Around Your Love
Seasons Call Me A Dog (acoustic)
Can't Change Me (acoustic)
Doesn't Remind Me (1/2 acoustic)
What You Are
Rusty Cage
Zero Chance
Billie Jean
Loud Love
Hunger Strike
You Know My Name*
Black Hole Sun
Wide Awake (acoustic)
Jesus Christ Pose

* Note: Why did he have to break the long-standing tradition and not name his Bond theme song after the movie (Casino Royale)?

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