Friday, January 23, 2004

Aw yeah, Freaks & Geeks is finally coming to DVD!

Quick thoughts on who I want to win the major Golden Globes (I'm only doing movies, as I don't watch enough television to be adequately opinionated, except to say that I can't imagine any show should beat The Office):
Picture, Drama - Mystic River
Picture, Comedy - Lost in Translation
Actor, Drama - Sean Penn
Actress, Drama - Charlize Theron (where's the nomination for Jennifer Connelly?)
Actor, Comedy - Bill Murray (I would love to give it to Johnny Depp, but I just didn't like that movie at all except for him)
Actress, Comedy - Scarlett Johansson (albeit that's the only nominee I've seen in this category, but she was damn good)
Supporting Actor - Alec Baldwin (toughest category... could easily have given to Ken Watanabe)
Supporting Actress - Holly Hunter
Director - Peter Weir
Screenplay - Lost in Translation
Usually nothing I want to win ever wins, so hopefully I didn't just jinx everyone...

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