Wednesday, January 21, 2004

I'm sharing a room with Lindsay Robertson (of for the day. Talk about pressure. Will she blog about me? Do I want her to? Do I have to be funny all the time in case she does? And if she doesn't, does that reflect badly on me? Am I not worthy of Lindsayism? Oh, the pressure... At least if she does write something mean, I can fire back with an embarrassing Paula Abdul story (is there any other kind of Paula Abdul story?) from Lindsay's past...

Within 10 minutes of her arrival, the four writers in our pit launched into a "You're from Florida?" "What high school did you go to?" "You went to Pine Crest?" "My friend went to St. Andrews!" "Hey, I went to St. Andrews!" conversation. Why are these talks so fascinating? I didn't actually know any of the names mentioned. Are people realy so insecure and in need of human contact? Apparently so... I guess that's why Friendster is so popular (and why I have 95 Friendsters but only like 5 actual friends).

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