Friday, January 30, 2004

I watched the Bands Reunited episode featuring Klymaxx... damn, those girls got big! They should rename the band Thigh-Maxx! (ba dum dum)

Tommy and I have agreed to make mix CDs for each other, only using songs that are Track 5's (studio album and original soundtracks only; no greatest hits or compilations). There's a lot of pressure. Tommy's CD collection is probably 5 times bigger than mine, at least, and I'm pretty sure that he owns 90% of what I do, which means that songs that I put on his either will also be on the one that he gives me or will be songs that he rejected. I've had to eliminate some classic track 5's just because they are too obvious ("Pour Some Sugar On Me," "Mr. Brownstone," "Misty Mountain Hop"), but I hope that my search for randomness doesn't sink the entire project. I am looking forward to getting his, however...

Brian's Super Bowl pick: Carolina 17, New England 13.
MVP: Stephen Davis

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