Monday, January 19, 2004

My roommate Dave celebrated a belated Christmas with his dad, stepmom, and stepsister last night. It had been delayed due to each party's assorted travels during December, then again from its original slot last Sunday night due to a flood in the family's apartment (somehow a sink collapsed... however that happens). Dave trekked off with presents in tow around 7:30pm. When he returned at midnight, I asked him what he got. He told me that his stepsister's gift is "still in the kiln," his mom got him a CD of Tibetan monk chanting (which he assumes she bought for herself and decided she wouldn't like), and his dad "hasn't gotten anything yet." Can you say WORST CHRISTMAS EVER?!?

The hot water in our shower hasn't been working since Friday. I've resorted to showering at the gym, which I hate. There's no comfort zone, and I have to wear flip-flops (after a sarcastic conversation with my roommate in which I tell him that EVERYONE has peed in a public shower at some point actually convinced myself that it is true). The super still hasn't come to fix it, and my roommate got so desperate that he managed to unscrew the knob and cause the hot water to turn on and not shut off. Eventually we turned off the entire hot water supply to the apartment, and now desperately need our super to come ASAP. Supers work on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, right?

Because I sure as hell do... that's the one bad thing about my new job at TRL... no holidays (except for the big ones). The building is deserted, I had to sign in, the entrance closer to my subway station is locked... bah.

Finally, Panthers vs. Patriots? Could the Super Bowl be any more boring? At least nobody could've possibly predicted this at the start of the season.

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