Thursday, January 29, 2004

Well, the readers (er, reader) have spoken, and they want the blog to stay. Who am I to disappoint my fans (er, fan)?

After thinking I would hate it, I admit that I like the show Bands Reunited. My favorite part, by far, is when the former stars discuss their current jobs. They all have TERRIBLE jobs! Stuff like Illustrator for Aviation Safety Handbooks. You can tell they are embarrassed by it, because they try to boost their image by making their title longer than a Fiona Apple album title: "Yes, I'm in charge of quality control of plastics and plastic-type substances for use in importing and exporting circumstances." The best is when VH1 totally busts them on it... the person will say "I'm the Manager of Loss & Theft Prevention," and at the bottom of the screen the chyron (sorry for the technical term) will read "Security Guard." On rare occasions they'll cut people some slack, usually when they talk about how they still play random gigs and the chyron will say "Freelance Musician" instead of the more obvious "Unemployed." But for the most part, their cover is blown. The show itself is good, although I wish Aamer was less of an egomaniac in taking credit for everything (he's fine conducting interviews, however), and the performances are wildly inconsistent, if they happen at all (what the hell, Holly from Frankie Goes to Hollywood?), but that's part of the fun. If you haven't checked it out yet, give it a shot.

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