Tuesday, January 13, 2004

Went to DC over the weekend to visit some old friends from high school and had a blast... although I haven't had so much to drink (and so little sleep) in a long time. Need another weekend to recover. But I must say, the response by women down there when I tell them I write for TRL (at least after the initial disbelief) is excellent... I almost wish I lived down there, although I'd have to give up the TRL gig... damn catch-22...

Watched the DVD's of The Ben Stiller Show... and for all of the critical praise it received, and the incredible cast and writers it had, it is surprisingly uneven (although maybe it's just slightly dated). It does have some great moments, including most of episode 5 (the Melrose Heights 90210 sketch with Bob Odenkirk as the gay guy who everyone shuns because they think he's a robot is GENIUS), and the single funniest sketch is the parody of the Head & Shoulders' annoying "you've got dandruff" ads. But a lot of skits ran way too long... I can understand why it only ran 13 episodes. At least it was a starting point for a lot of great talent, especially David Cross & Judd Apatow.

Dino's "I Like It" just played on VH1 Classic... jeez.

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