Thursday, June 02, 2005

Day six, 6:40pm PST - current face skin color, current body skin color, current right eye color.
(I'm typing this with that eye closed, as 4 hours of sweating suntan lotion into my eye forced me to take out my contact, which then blew away in the wind as I was rinsing the eye out. Son of a bitch!)


Becca said...


Brian said...

Can't... too scared. I know that a week after I get the procedure done, some study will be released saying that 25 years after Lasik, you become irreversibly blind. This problem with contacts is such an anomaly for me... I'll stick with them for the time being.

Becca said...

must say that LASIK was the coolest thing that I ever did. sure, it blew my savings, but i can see. now, in your reality, i may go blind at the age of 50, but i'm willing to take that risk. heck, i was legally blind before the procedure and i got along just fine..... rain, though, with inch-thick glasses was a bitch though.