Tuesday, June 14, 2005

So Michael Jackson was found not guilty on all counts. Not to spend too much time on a subject that countless people will be blogging about, but I'm shocked that he wasn't convicted of one of the lesser crimes that wouldn't have led to jail time (such as the administering an intoxicating agent). I'm also amazed at how much importance everybody put on the reading of the verdict. Starting around 4:30, every TV on my floor was turned to either CNN or MSNBC (except for the one in my office, which stayed on VH1 Classic... although I'll admit to watching MJ in another room). I guess for this one day, TRL's time change was a good thing; it both allowed the staff to watch the verdict, and it didn't put the show in competition with the verdict (good thing too, cause I know how much our viewers love to watch breaking news).
Oh, and one positive thing to come from the verdict: when I have children, I will now be completely comfortable letting them spend the night in MJ's bed at Neverland Ranch. Whew, what a relief!

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