Thursday, June 23, 2005

Thank You Very Much, Oh Mr. Roboto
Last night I'm in the elevator in my apartment building when 3 teenage girls who must live a few floors below me get on. They are in the middle of a conversation about Styx. One of them asks another, "So you like Styx?" And that girl replies, "Oh yeah. What about you?" All three girls seem to be in agreement.
Trying to be neighborly, I join in, saying, "Wow, I'm surprised you like Styx."
They look at me, confused. "Huh?" one of them asks.
I say, "I'm just not used to girls your age liking Styx."
After several moments of confusion, it becomes apparent that they are not talking about Styx the band... they are talking about some guy named Sticks (who knows how he spells it) who goes to school with them.
That'll teach me to try to be friendly to my neighbors.
And to butt into other people's conversations.


Suzanne said...

DOMO! domo! DOMO! domo! hope you told them that your name was Kilroy. see if they actually call you that ;)

Brian said...

Oh, I have a feeling they won't be calling me anything (except maybe "loser"), or talking to me at all.