Friday, June 17, 2005

TRL Moment of the Week

On Tuesday, I looked out the window of the studio to see a girl holding a sign saying "Brian is a DILF." This is the first time my fanbase has shown support for me in such a visual way. Now yes, it's true that the Backstreet Boys, including Brian Littrell, were on the show that day. And yes, it's true that I am not a dad (at least that I know of... if I'm misinformed, please let me know), which makes it hard to be a DILF. I'd say that the chance the sign was actually for me was about 0.0001%. But as long as there's a chance, I can hope. Posted by Hello


Anonymous said...

Whether or not the sign was for Litrell, you'll always be a WILF.

Brian said...

Dare I ask what the W stands for in WILF?
-Whoremonger? (I kinda hope it's this... I've always wanted to be a monger of some sort)
No matter, I'm still honored.

Anonymous said...

Whoremonger? Get serious dude. You haven't even called A back yet. Wuss.