Thursday, June 09, 2005

Since I have nothing else to really post about today, I thought I'd make a list of the nicknames I've acquired in the 17 months since I started working for TRL:
- B: obvious and kinda lame.
- Seymour Meatjuice: read
here and here for explanation.
- B.P. (stands for Big Polack): given to me by a co-worker I had originally christened Lil' Polack (L.P.) to celebrate her Polish heritage.
- Bri-Bri: the most endearing one, but for some reason the one which creeps me out the most; given to me by
Fits & Starts.
- Whiter Writer: an aborted stunt from the 2004 Summer Beach House in Long Beach, where I would have to use spray-on tan to give me a golden-brown glow, and we would follow my evolution over the course of the week.
- Ghost Writer: my boss occasionally calls me this for reasons that remain unknown.
- Greener Wiener (or GreenWeen for short): thanks to
Chasing the Black Line for that one.
I can only hope the best are still to come.

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