Saturday, February 14, 2004

1:45am, Friday night / Saturday morning, Times Square subway station, uptown 1/2/3/9 platform. A homeless man is digging eagerly into a garbage can, presumably in search of food. A couple minutes later, a second homeless man wanders by, carrying a large Adidas sports bag with several stuffed animals protruding. He puts the bag down and unzips it, revealing that the majority of the bag is filled with KFC: boxes of chicken, sealed side items, the works. Noticing the garbage scavenger, he takes out two individual sides (both mashed potatoes and gravy, if I'm not mistaken) and says "Hey man, don't be digging through no garbage. Take this." The first man refuses to even acknowledge the second man, let alone accept the offering. The second man puts the food back in the bag, then wanders around the platform screaming, "Crazy man don't want no KFC! Crazy man don't want no KFC!"
As the Post's Liz Smith says, "Only in New York, kids, only in New York."

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