Thursday, February 05, 2004

It's been several days now since the Super Bowl, and I'm tired of hearing how great Tom Brady is... how he's the next coming of Joe Montana... how he's now a certain Hall-of-Famer. Give me a break. Although it's swapping sports, the best comparison for Brady is to Orlando Hernandez. In his tenure with the Yankees, El Duque pitched ably (but certainly not spectacularly) for several seasons... yet he thrived during the postseason. Will El Duque make the Hall? Of course not. If Brady keeps up his pace, should he? Of course not. Playing well (and let's not forget that Brady twice nearly cost the Pats wins this posteason with his late game in-the-endzone interceptions) for a few games a season is not enough to earn such respect. So drop the charade, okay?

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