Tuesday, February 10, 2004

My friend pointed this out to me last night, and it's pretty damn cool... Billy Zabka, the King of 80s movies (Karate Kid, Just One of the Guys, Back to School), is nominated for an Oscar this year! It's true... Best Short Film (Live Action) for a movie called Most (The Bridge). Check it out:
A quick check at his IMDB page shows that it is in fact the same William (Billy) Zabka.
Can you imagine the reaction if he wins? The presenter announces his name, the audience applauds politely, but once he strides up to the stage and begins his acceptance speech, people slowly gasp as they realize, "Hey, that can't be Johnny Lawrence, can it?" Would he thank Cobra Kai? Would someone call out "Sweep the leg!"? The possibilities are endless!
We have to start a campaign to get Zabka the Oscar. Anyone have any ideas? Who's with me?

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