Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Yesterday Tommy and I exchanged our Track 5 mixes... and, as expected, his was far superior to mine. Mine was 18 tracks, his 21. High points of mine:
- Tom Petty, "It's Good To Be King" (from Wildflowers)
- Pearl Jam, "Wash" (from Lost Dogs)
- Eels, "3 Speed" (from Electro-Shock Blues)
- STP, "Still Remains" (from Purple)
- Glen Phillips, "My Own Town" (from Abulum)
- Cyndi Lauper, "She-Bop" (from She's So Unusual)
High points of his:
- Pulp, "Disco 2000" (from Different Class)
- Buzzcocks, "Ever Fallen in Love" (from Singles Going Steady)
- Replacements, "Waitress in the Sky" (from Tim)
- Tom Waits, "The Piano Has Been Drinking (Not Me)"
- Stevie Wonder, "Sir Duke" (from Songs in the Key of Life)
- Pink Floyd, "The Gunner's Dream" (from The Final Cut).
How could I have left off "Sir Duke"??? Tommy claims that he likes mine, but he knows he won this battle. The war has yet to be decided, however... next week will be another mix... topic is Songs That Reference Other Songs / Musicians. Stay tuned...

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