Wednesday, February 11, 2004

I noticed a couple of bizarre moments in this week's RW/RR Challenge: The Inferno that I'm sure most people didn't pick up on:
1) After Leah says that she thinks Darrell is the sexiest guy there, it cuts to him talking to Julie, who is stroking his arm. No offense to Darrell, but I'm sure that such pre-marriage fornication with an African-American is exactly the type of non-Mormon behavior that caused BYU to give Julie the boot.
2) In the club after Trischelle pisses everyone off, Jeremy comes up and attempts to calm her down... although it seems to me that he's actually trying to hit on her... and this happens while he's got Katie clinging to him... and Katie is so drunk that when he steps away from her, she basically topples over. I think the general consensus already was that Jeremy is a tool, but the fact that he's trying to take advantage of two completely hammered girls nails this point home. And while I have no respect for Katie, she certainly can do better than Jeremy, even in a state of complete obliteration.
Nevertheless, an entertaining episode.

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