Monday, February 09, 2004

I watched about 5 minutes of the Grammy's last night (saw the Foo Fighters perform, then turned it off when Coldplay won), but from the Post's review of it, it sounded great, especially:
The most cringe-inducing moment was when Sting, Vince Gill, Dave Matthews and Pharrell Williams paid homage to the Beatles on the 40th anniversary of the Fab Four's American conquest. "American Idol" villain critic Simon Cowell always warns all of the amateur contenders, "Don't forget the words." Yet when the quartet attempted "I Saw Her Standing There," Matthews Sang, "I saw her dancing there." Sting glided along the chorus until he derailed on the Paul McCartney high note, and the harmonies sounded like somebody was hurting a dog.
The boys had nobody to blame but themselves, but poor Celine Dion who performed Luther Vandross' "Dance With My Father" was mired in technical difficulties. While the camera focused in tightly on Dion, all you could hear was a now-unemployed sound guy repeatedly asking, "Should I take it up, should I take it up." He finally took it up to the point that Dion busted a few eardrums when her upper register collided with a wall of feedback.

Ha and double-ha to Matthews and Dion... I hate you both.

Speaking of Foo Fighters, who would've thought ten years ago that by 2004 a spin-off band by Nirvana's drummer would have three times as many Grammys as Nirvana?

One last Grammy note... Tommy has the greatest line I think I've ever read in one of these event diary-type things:
8:45 Justin Trousersnake says "It's an honor" just to be in the company of the other nominees. If by "honor," you mean "travesty," bulls-eye, JT!
Tommy has helped me a lot with my writing, but it's moments like this where I realize I'll just never get to his level.

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