Thursday, February 05, 2004

Saw my friend and former roommate Liz Tormes perform last night. As usual, a great set. If you're into kinda folksy-acoustic-guitar songs, you should check her out.

I can't stop looking at this two-headed baby... although the second head looks like it belongs to the monkey from Outbreak.

All 7 Police Academy movies are coming out on DVD in April. The only thing funnier than those movies? This press release. "Law enfarcement" - that's gold! And if there's anyone out there who thinks that the Police Academy Giftset (featuring all 7 films) will provide"hard-core laughter," I'd love to meet him / her.

The NFL has bounced JC Chasez from performing at the Pro-Bowl. Somewhere, Justin is laughing about this, his evil plan to destroy the solo careers of all other N'Sync members having been set into motion...

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