Monday, March 13, 2006

Bonds Away!
I know I'm late weighing in on this topic, but I'm starting to get annoyed with experts backing Bonds as a Hall of Fame candidate. They say that he had HOF numbers before he started taking steroids. Yeah, so? Then he took steroids. If a runner is winning a marathon, then halfway through the race he puts on roller skates to get to the finish line, should he be considered the winner? Of course not. He cheated. And he deserves to be punished. I don't mind people talking about what a great player Bonds was during the first half of his career. Cause he was. Just don't put him in the Hall. And remember to also discuss that he took steroids. (And that he's selfish and racist and a jerk)
And while we're on this subject, Selig needs to get off his ass and step up now. I don't understand the reasoning that they won't take action because this isn't something that Major League Baseball discovered on its own. If somebody reports a crime to the police, do they say "Well, we didn't see the crime happening first-hand, so we're not going to pursue this"? It's ludicrous. Look, Selig, players and fans already can't think any less of you. Show some backbone for once, take a stand, and get this game cleaned up. It may not fix your reputation, but it could fix baseball.


walein said...

The problem is that all the owners and major league baseball in general knew that Bonds and McGwire and Sosa and the rest were doing steroids...and they chose not to say anything because of how well the home runs played with the public and for their purses.
The added problem is that they also have known that all of those players and many more do speed and other "perscription only" drugs (without perscription).
It opens up a big can of worms. I think they're all just hoping that Bonds will do what McGwire did...retire.

Brian said...

True points. But Bonds will not retire, at least right now, because of his frenzy to get past all of Ruth's marks. There's no reason why they can't go back now and correct the errors of the past... after all, the single-season-HR-chase money is already in the bank.
And at least they will finally be testing for speed this season... I have a feeling we'll see quite a few busts on that front.

DoctorJones said...

Fellas - I'm not nearly as versed on the day-to-day baseball stats,etc. But the Bonds issue has really worked me up since the SI issue came out because now MLB has concrete facts to work from. Lets not kid ourselves, Selig is going to half-ass the issue, trying to do just enough so Congress won't get involved. (This is the guy who called the All-Star game a tie a couple years ago. How un-American is that). Bottom line: Bonds and McGwire should be on the same list as Pete Rose. At best, any records (home-run or otherwise) by these two cheats should be a footnote to the real list of records.
Also, McGwire is the world's biggest punk for giving Congress that non-commital statement his lawyer wrote for him.

Becca said...

players who have used banned substances during their mlb (including minor league) careers should not be admitted to the hall of fame. period. it's sad that the mlb, owners, managers, and the players' union can't work together to crack down on this and create a more fair and even playing field. in the meantime, i'll keep watching ball, but it's still in the back of my mind. (go huston street!)

walein said...

If we're oging to get rid of people that have abused or used "banned" or "illegal" substances in baseball the HOF will be a very quiet place. Remeber, Ty Cobb killed a man with his hands.
Selig is going to drag his feet because this issue has blown out of proportion for the owners, who were leaking the "sealed" testimonies of Bonds and Giambi and Sheffield in hopes of hurting the player's union in the up-coming bargaining agreement meetings.
As for them going back...they have evidence on Bonds...but not so much on McGwire or Sosa...or, if they do, they need to open an investigation into all of that. I just don't see how that can happen.
And though McGwire and Bonds may be bigger punks than Pete Rose, betting is the ONLY rule that you cannot break in baseball...for almost 100 years now.'s differnt in that it's the only rule you have to follow in terms of character (and supposedly just the baseball betting part since many players are gamblers outside of teh game).