Wednesday, March 29, 2006

More Fantasy
Had my TRL-league fantasy baseball draft last night, and ended up with (at least in my mind) a pretty good team. Here it is, in the order I picked it (I had the 2nd pick out of 10 teams):
1. A. Pujols (1B)
2. C. Figgins (2B/3B/OF)
3. R. Oswalt (SP)
4. C. Beltrán (OF)
5. G. Sizemore (OF)
6. J. Cantú (2B/3B)
7. J. Peralta (SS)
8. E. Gagne (RP)
9. B. Webb (SP)
10. M. Holliday (OF)
11. Z. Duke (SP)
12. D. Turnbow (RP)
13. M. Mulder (SP)
14. J. Francoeur (OF)
15. J. Giambi (1B)
16. J. Blanton (SP)
17. C. Barmes (SS)
18. B. Molina (C)
19. C. Orvella (RP)
20. M. Jacobs (1B)
21. E. Encarnación (3B)
22. K. Escobar (SP)

I think I'm in good shape. Got speed, power, and pitching depth. Catcher is my weakest position, but that's true for almost everyone. 5 days 'til the start of the season... can't wait!


brotherjimmy said...

Man that was a serious run on players with the first initial J in the middle of the draft. You've got 5 total- maybe that is how you should run your league next year- everyone gets a letter.

I really don't know anything about baseball but I know based on the odds "S" would probably produce the best players- especially based on the Latin influence in baseball.

Brian said...

Based on my poor showing last year, the letter strategy might not be a bad idea.
R's are a fine bunch too. C's are solid and very underrated. I's get no love, and deservedly so. And don't even get me started on K's...

ben said...

Giambi in the 16th round is fantastic -- see if Ryan Zimmerman or Todd Worrell is available.