Tuesday, March 14, 2006

What Was Up With Last Night's 24?
(Spoiler alerts)

(I'm not kidding about the spoilers)

(Seriously, do not read if you haven't watched it yet but plan to)

(Here goes, don't say I didn't warn you)
Could 24 have been any worse last night? I can't figure out what the writers were thinking. You know things are bad when a show built on tension is stealing lines from The Princess Bride ("My name is Tony Almeida. You killed my wife Michelle. PREPARE TO DIE!!!"). At one point I joked to my roommate that some of the dead bodies at CTU should get up and starting lurching around saying "Brains… brains…" Little did I know that in fact the show would turn into a cheesy horror movie when Henderson, who was in a coma with his neurological system shut down, suddenly came back to life with superhuman strength and killed the person who was about to kill him. Who is he, Michael Myers? (then again, he is played by Robocop). The plotline of Lynn having to sacrifice himself was predictable, Kim's psychologist was cliched and underwritten, and I'm sick of the President acting as a human puppet for anyone who talks to him.
What a letdown, especially after the amazing 2 hours the previous week. Tony deserved a better episode in which to die.


Anonymous said...

For all we know, the torture guy could be a bad guy, injecting Henderson with a placebo.

MertMengelmier said...

I totally agree - predictable. I'm actually shocked that the show seems to be forgetting a lot of stuff. Why are the president and the vp in the same place, wouldn't national security be in better shape if they were seperated? How is it that a presidential motorcade was so easily hitable with that rocket launcher? Why was no one else on the streets?

I think J. Bauer is going to die this season, which would be awesome and equivalent to T. Soprano dying. Good riddance.