Friday, March 03, 2006

Quick Notes Before the Oscars:
- I'm on the Brokeback bandwagon. Hoping it takes home Best Picture and Director. But if it doesn't, I'd like Good Night & Good Luck to win.
- I don't understand people's love of Crash. I knew the movie wasn't great in the first 5 minutes, when Ludacris gives the speech about people profiling all African-Americans as crooks, then turns around and steals the car. It had its moments, and the cast was good, but it's hardly one of the best movies of the year.
- Best Actor is such a tough call. Ledger and Hoffman are both great, but I have to give it to Heath. In my mind, it's harder to create a memorable original character than to do a memorable imitation.
- Reese should win, hands down.
- Supporting Actress is the hardest choice of the night. I didn't think I'd want anyone to beat Michelle Williams, but then I saw Junebug and fell in love with Amy Adams. Too tough to call. And as bad as the movie was, Frances McDormand earned her nod.
- I'd give Supporting Actor to Paul Giamatti, but wouldn't be upset with any of them except for Gyllenhaal.
- How did the director of Capote get nominated? What happened to David Cronenberg? And Maria Bello for Supporting Actress, while we're at it?
- Where is Grizzly Man for Best Doc? I'd love for Murderball to win. But it'll probably lose to the penguins, and I'll be okay with that.
- Did anyone else think Wallace & Gromit was overrated? And I'm even a fan of their short films. But I'm rooting for Corpse Bride.
- Here's hoping Jon Stewart does a good job. I think he will. But when will they hire Conan? He's tailor-made for this gig.


Anonymous said...

Why would you be upset if Gyllenhaal wins?
Conan? Maybe ABC doesn't want to give a possible windfall of publicity to NBC.

Brian said...

Because I think Gyllenhaal did the worst job. He doesn't seem natural in scenes where he has to get overexcited (such as when he's drunk and pretends to be riding the bull, or when he congratulates Heath on shooting the elk).
And also because of the sideburns.

Megs said...

I fell asleep in Wallace and Gromit. In the theater. After 20 minutes. I woke up during what was clearly the climax, and fell asleep again.

Tommy Himself said...

He shot an elk?! Thanks for spoiling it for me. You fuck.