Friday, March 24, 2006

TRL Moment of the Week
On Wednesday we did a Spring Break version of TRL Lottery, in which we assign everyone in the audience a number, then pick numbered balls out of a lotto machine and give them prizes... some good, some duds. One of the dud prizes was having to rub sunscreen on the back of a very hairy man we found in Times Square. We picked a girl, brought out her man, and gave her the bottle of lotion, which had been relabeled with a TRL label to avoid any marketing problems. As we're coming back from break, Lauren squeezes the contents of the bottle onto the guy's back and starts rubbing it in, then exclaims "Oh my God, it's bronzer!"
Undeterred, our "winner" continued rubbing the stuff all over his back, claiming "This guy's gonna be tan for days." As we got into the next request, VJDamien pointed out the lotion "smells like vinegar." I'm sure a good time was had by all.

I'm off to Vegas for my dad's 60th birthday, so no post Monday. Hopefully I'll regale you all with tales of my gambling success on Tuesday.


doctorjones said...

Three things:
1. Did you take some of the bronzer for yourself?
2. The Cooler will be watching you this weekend. Boo-Ya!
3. Don't share any hooker/stripper with Daddy - You really don't know where that guy's been.

Brian said...

1) No, I like to stay naturally white... or bright red.
2) He was watching, but his cooling skills are no match for my heat.
3) That's why he didn't share one with me.