Monday, March 20, 2006

D'ohn't Do It
Proving that Fox no longer has any concept of what's funny and what is not, they have renewed The Simpsons for 2 more seasons. I'm proud to say that I stopped watching it back in September and haven't looked back since, although I may be tempted to tune in Sunday for the episode penned by Ricky Gervais.
Still no word on Fox, Showtime, or anybody else renewing Arrested Development. But it's an absolute crime to keep The Simpsons going while A.D. gets the ax. Please, put them out of their misery!


Noelle said...

Every time we see a new season of the Simpsons, my boyfriend says, "They are dead to me." I agree, when they killed Maude, they killed a little piece of themselves, and now it's hanging off and rotting.

lindsay said...

During Sunday's show, which I caught by accident, I thought of a smalltalk icebreaker pickup line question, like "what's your sign", and that is:
"So when did YOU stop watching The Simpsons?"

Also, I'm intellectually offended by Sunday's "What's with all the sight gags...oh, they're "making fun of themselves and their dependence on sight gags in recent episodes" thing.