Thursday, March 23, 2006

The other day when I was getting my haircut, I heard 7 of the sweetest words of my life:
"Don't worry, you'll never lose your hair."
This is now the third hair professional who has told me this, which I think makes it official. Going bald has been a legitimate concern of mine. Both my dad's and his brother's heads are quite hairless. And I know most people say that the baldness gene comes from your mother's dad, but when I asked about that in a high school biology class during a lesson on genetics, the teacher looked at me like I was out of my mind and asked how that was possible (to which I had no reply). I don't mean to sound vain... I don't have anything against bald people. I'd just not rather be one of them (really, who would?). And there's also the health concern... I'm fairly pale, and my scalp would burn in the sun quite easily. So here's hoping that those words ring true.
And yes, I realize that I'm probably jinxing myself with this post. So if I start finding lots of hair in my shower drain, I'm pulling the plug on this site.


lindsay said...

Well, I have no idea if it's TRUE or not (though it is the accepted wisdom) but it is possible. You don't really get it from your mother's father, you get it from your mother, only it's a boy thing so it's not expressed in her because she's a girl. So if it's true that the gene for baldness is carried by the mother, looking at her male family members would be a good way to get a hint as to whether the gene would be expressed in you.

Megs said...

You cut your hair so short I don't know what we'd be missing if you stopped growing hair at all. I wonder if you would look taller or shorter? I actually think taller, since your forehead would go higher. Ha ha! That mental image makes me laugh!

Tommy Himself said...

Was your mailman bald?