Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Talkin' Baseball
Last night's fantasy draft played out basically as expected. My predicted top-7 went with the first 7 picks, so I reluctantly took Tejada with my first pick and have been kicking myself ever since. However, I'm pretty happy with the team I ended up with:
C: Johjima, Kendall
1B: Thome, Nevin
2B: Utley, Iguchi
SS: Tejada, Crosby
3B: C. Jones, Tiffee
OF: Pierre, Burrell, Lane, Ibanez
SP: C. Zambrano, Schmidt, Pettitte, Morris, Lowe, Wang
RP: Street, Valverde, Timlin
My infield is solid (as long as they are healthy and play to potential), as is my starting rotation. My OF could use some work... I have some speed and some power, but not much average and too many strikeouts. I have 2 solid closers, and Timlin should get plenty of work. And I have a fairly deep middle-infield bench, so not only am I covered in case of injuries, but I prevented other teams from getting those guys. Hopefully I can swing a trade of one of my pitchers to get a better outfielder. But even if I don't, I'm looking forward to playing this season.


Becca said...

Huston Street- great choice.

theman said...

Brian is Becca cute, anyone who knows Huston Street is a great pick could be a potential suitor for you.

ben said...

Wait wait wait.
Terry Tiffee?
Did you take him because he's the LAST player in the Yahoo databse?