Tuesday, March 14, 2006

S for Scooped
In researching Natalie Portman trivia questions for a stunt on today's show (in which the winner gets photos taken with Natalie, the loser gets his head shaven), I came upon these clips of an 11-year-old Natalie in an environmental song-and-dance group called World Patrol Kids. He tried to get permission to air them, but alas couldn't get the rights in time. Then backstage, we find out from Natalie's people that Letterman will be showing the clips tonight. What a gyp. We could've scooped them.
But I will anyway. Check out a very young but still talented Natalie Portman here and here (she raps in that one) and here and here and here and here. They take a while to load, but are worth it the wait.

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Anonymous said...

Deckk, here.

I really enjoyed the videos. Ive watched the first 4. The 5th video however is only a segment of the original video and the sixth locks up realplayer.

I think that Natalie was part of a very smart group of kids. She was cute too. I wonder what became of the other kids. Are they on television too? I hope they all continue to kick ass.

Thanks for the videos.