Friday, December 19, 2003

From today:

Jessica Simpson & Nick Lachey Plan Duets Album
Celebrity couple Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey are planning to record a duets album next year. But Irresistible singer Jessica - who stars alongside her husband in TV hit Newlyweds: Nick And Jessica - is keen to avoid a "cheesy" album. She says, "We're talking about remaking great seventies, eighties hits. Definitely a romantic album. We wouldn't want it to be cheesy. So we'd have to spend a while and pick the right material. We're not going to do 'I Got You Babe,' because that's what people's 'clever ideas' are. 'Oh, you should do Sonny And Cher.' We're just like, 'No, if we're going to do something together, it has to be clever.' We want to remake some stuff and also do original stuff."

In related news, with 12 days left in 2003, "Last Stop: This Town" boldly names Nick & Jessica's classic CD of duets the Worst Album of 2004.

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