Friday, December 19, 2003

My time at my job is running short... only 4 more working days. I should make a list of all the things I will miss about it. But instead, I think I'll list all the things that bother me about it... so here goes...
1) Working in Times Square. Tourists coming to Manhattan (and especially into Times Square) should be tutored on how to walk. Simple rules such as: walk quickly; at crosswalks, all signals mean "go;" if in a group, walk single file instead of side-by-side so you don't take up the entire sidewalk; stay the hell out of my way.
2) The girls in my pit. You have to be here to understand.
3) That Gamecube commercial with the guy dressed as Link from "Zelda" standing on the sidewalk and screaming. It's awful the first time... when MTV plays it during EVERY COMMERCIAL BREAK, I feel like starting a conversation with my pitmates just to distract me from it.
4) The fact that I can't wear my Skidz to work without being the subject of ridicule.
5) The crappy music. People may complain that MTV never shows videos anymore, but those people don't hear Clay Aiken's "Invisible" 8 times before noon. Personally, I'd rather he be mute than invisible.
I'm gonna miss this place... sigh...

The Olsen twins are going to NYU... let my stalking begin...

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