Friday, December 05, 2003

Went to see Simon and Garfunkel at the Garden last night. The show had gotten almost universally good reviews until the Times panned Tuesday's show, so I wasn't sure what to expect. Thankfully, they must have stepped it up a notch for their last NYC show, because they sounded great. Especially Garfunkel; his voice is outstanding and still easily reaches the high notes. It's a good thing that God gave him such a voice, because otherwise he is one of the gawkiest men to ever exist. He wore his trademark blue jeans, blue denim shirt, and black vest, which I believe he has been donning for at least 20 years. But it works, because the vest mirrors his hairstyle: lots in the back, some on the sides, nothing up front (I wonder what he even says to his barber when he goes for a haircut... what could he possibly say to lead to that style?). The chemistry wasn't great... Simon almost never looked in Garfunkel's direction, and at times you could almost see the loathing emanate from him. But luckily it didn't affect the sound. And the brief 4-song appearance by the Everly Brothers was fantastic too, but I wish they had played "Cathy's Clown," especially since S&G had their own Kathy for a muse.

Before the show I made the mistake of going to Popeyes for dinner. Popeyes must be a magnet for retards (excluding myself, of course). The woman in front of me ordered the 2-piece meal. She asks for a breast & thigh. The cashier explains that one can only get a breast & wing or thigh and leg. Customer says, "Oh, okay, then I'll have it with a breast & thigh." Cashier once again explains that she cannot have that particular combination. A second cashier comes over and says it can only be either all white meat or all dark meat. The customer says, "Yeah, so gimme a breast and a thigh." JESUS CHRIST! Also of note, Popeyes' paper placemats have a description of their rice which reads "Of course Popeyes serves this! It's also known as 'dirty rice.'" For a restaurant chain whose sanitary conditions are poor at best, they should not be bragging about the fact that one of their side dishes is known as "dirty."

As for the Yankees acquiring Vacquez from the Expos, I'm excited to add him to the pitching staff, but am greatly disappointed that they cut the chord on Nick Johnson. I could see him moving up the chain to become a franchise Yankee, much like Jeter or Bernie, but the Yankees have no patience for player maturity anymore. And who will back up Gimpy Giambi at first when his knees flair up? I would have rather traded Giambi to the Dodgers for Kevin Brown, or putting Soriano in the Vazquez deal. At least I think that Johnson will produce bigtime in the middle of the Expos line-up. I hope he does.

Let's end on a positive note... this link is really funny... and borderline racist, which makes it that much better...

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