Monday, December 22, 2003

I've done it! One of the greatest upsets in the history of fantasy football! My mediocre 9-5 Brian GrieseMonkeys ripped the heart out of the mighty 12-2 Charlie Batchelors to win the Super Bowl in my fantasy football league. The game was a blowout of epic proportions. This not only makes up for his regular-season sweep against me, but also eases the pain of his cruising through my fantasy baseball league earlier this year. His evil reign of terror is over! Happy Hanukkah indeed!

I spent yesterday evening at a sports bar with the Batchelors coach and another guy from our league. I was the first to get there, and arrived just in time to hear the cheers erupting from inside in response to the Saints' improbably triple-lateral TD with time expired. A crazier play, I've never seen. And yet as John Carney, one of the most dependable kickers of my generation, shanked the extra point, I couldn't help but smile. I love seeing emotions turn on a dime like that. Which is probably why I'll be going to Hell. I'm sure Carney will be there waiting for me... he's a dead man if he ever sets foot in New Orleans again. Steve Barman who? (Oh, and anyone who would pay $106,000 for that ball is insane... INSANE!)

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