Wednesday, December 17, 2003

Update: Believe it or not, UPS still sucks. My package was not delivered to my office yesterday. Nor was it delivered to my apartment. I tracked the shipment this morning, and it said a delivery attempt was made yesterday. Odd, since our mailroom is open all day. So I check the delivery address to make sure they changed it. Not only is my work address not there, but now they have my incorrect home address! I have just called them to again give my work address. New delivery date: Thursday (tomorrow). Will it be here tomorrow? I'd be tempted to put more money on From Justin To Kelly sweeping the Oscars. Well, maybe not.

Speaking of bad movies, I saw a doozy last night. A sneak preview of The Prince and Me, starring Julia Stiles. In this unique tale, a prince travels to the "heartland of America" to experience real life and meets a girl who doesn't know he's a prince. They fall in love, but when she finds out the truth... there's trouble! Oh man, does this movie blow. Blow blow blow! They should've made it The Artist Formerly Known as Prince and Me, about a midget named Prince who dresses in purple. He goes to the "heartland of America" but changes his name to a symbol so people don't know who he is. He falls in love with a girl, but when she finds out the truth... there's trouble! Now that's a movie.

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