Tuesday, December 16, 2003

Time once again for our favorite game: Why UPS Sucks My Ass (And Not In a Good Way). I received an Info Notice yesterday. Having learned a thing or two from the past incident (or so I thought), I called to immediately change the delivery address, since I will be at work each time UPS tries to deliver the package. An automated message says that you can do that online rather than hold for an operator. Trusting UPS, I go to their website and enter the tracking number... and get an error message stating they have no info on that package. So I call UPS back, enter my info number, and wait for an operator, only to have him tell me he has no info on that tracking number. We attempt to search using an alternate approach. By last name, I'm sure you're thinking. Nope, they can't search by last name... they search by address. Fair enough. I give them my address... no info. The operator says that he will leave a message telling the deliveryman to change the address to my office. Where exactly he will leave this message, since apparently my package is a ghost in the system, I do not know. But I can almost guarantee another Info Notice waiting for me when I go home tonight.

I finally started watching all of the I Love the 80s Strikes Back that have been sitting in my DVR (one of the greatest inventions of my lifetime). This series is not nearly as good as the original, with the exception of Henry Rollins. VH1 (or some other channel) should give him his own series in which they just let him talk about stuff. He's hilarious! On Gloworms: "I don't care about them unless they dispense $100 bills." On the song "Don't Worry, Be Happy": "Don't you tell me what to do... I'll punch you in the fucking face!" Tommy actually e-mails with him. If I had access to Henry Rollins, I would talk to him non-stop. He rules.

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