Thursday, December 18, 2003

I'll start off with my thoughts on the 2004 Golden Globe nominations. I haven't seen a bunch of major movies yet (Cold Mountain, the new Lord of the Rings, Big Fish, Last Samurai), so I can't give completely educated responses. However...
- 21 Grams should've been nominated for Best Drama, and Benicio Del Toro, who is sooooooooo good in it, should've gotten a Supporting Actor nod.
- Jeff Bridges was more deserving of a nomination in Seabiscuit than William H. Macy.
- I'm fairly sure City of God is eligible in all categories other than Best Foreign Film (I know it is for the Oscars), so it should've gotten a nom for Best Picture.
- Maria Bello was okay in The Cooler, but certainly not as good as Alison Lohman in Matchstick Men. Impossible to believe that she's actually 24 years old!
- On that note, why do the women only get 5 Supporting Actress in a Film nominations while the men get 6? With the extra slot, Lohman could've gotten in, or Catherine O'Hara from A Mighty Wind. Eugene Levy should've gotten one for that movie too.
- Hurray for Best TV Comedy nominations for The Office and Arrested Development! I'll be so excited if either of them win, but I'm rooting for The Office.
- What is everyone's continuing obsession with Megan Mullally and (particularly) Sean Hayes from Will & Grace? They are two of the most annoying characters on tv!
I'll give better predictions / opinions on the eve of the awards.

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Finally, I'm really pissed I didn't go to David Bowie's concert at MSG Monday night. The Times, Post, Daily News, and Daily Variety all raved about it. At least I can say I didn't provide any money to Macy "No Talent Crack-Fiend" Gray. Regardless, I'm glad Bowie is still doing so well, and hopefully I'll catch him the next time he comes around.

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